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Avio Series


Dual-DVI Fiber Optic KVM Extender Delivers 
Uncompromised Performance

Matrox Avio F120 and F125 KVM extenders consist of a transmitter and receiver pair. The Avio transmitter unit captures I/O functionality of the host computer and sends it uncompressed over a single duplex LC-LC fiber optic cable to the Avio receiver unit, letting you separate the computer from the user environment and place it in a climate controlled machine room. Matrox Avio is the ideal KVM extension solution for design, 3D visualization, process control, broadcast, post-production, industrial and military applications where system performance and security are key requirements. Its high bandwidth transmission maintains system performance and does not introduce any latency or dropped frames. Matrox Avio is the solution designed to minimize total ownership cost and maximize performance.


Matrox Avio Series KVM extension solutions delivers dual-display workstation performance ideally suited for mission-critical environments that require stable, reliable I/O extension technology and where data security, heat, noise and space are prevalent issues. The separation of the user interface devices from the computer offers many advantages such as improved IT system maintenance and life cycle support, climate and noise control for user/operator stations, climate and environmental control for systems, and increased security.

Matrox Avio Series is ideal for use in the following industries:

        ■  Process Control

        ■  Oil and Gas

        ■  3D modeling & visualization

        ■  Seismic Analysis

        ■  AEC and MCAD Design

        ■  Military Command & Control

        ■  Pro A/V and Digital Signage

        ■  Broadcast and post-production

        ■  Flight Dispatch / Air Traffic Control (ATC)

        ■  Land, Sea and Air Traffic Management & Transport

        ■  Video Surveillance


●  10Gbps SFP+ transceivers enable uncompressed video transmission at full frame rate across a single duplex LC-LC fiber optic cable

●  Smooth HD, 2K, 4K video playback without dropping any frames

●  Two Single-link DVI monitor or one Dual-link DVI display support

●  USB HID ports for keyboard, mouse, touchscreens and other HID devices.

●  USB 2.0 high-speed support for touchscreens, printers, scanners, hard drives, as well as isochronous USB 2.0 audio and video devices (available with Avio F125)

●  Maximum distances of 400 m (1312 ft) in multimode and 4 km (2.5 mi) in single-mode 

●  Digital-to-analog conversion enables support for 2x VGA monitors with a maximum resolution of 1920x1200 60Hz

●  Analog stereo audio support to place audio devices such as speakers, microphones and headphones away from the system

●  DDC compliance and advanced EDID management ensure a reliable communication between the system and the remote displays

●  PS/2 keyboard and mouse support for industrial or legacy systems Local outputs on the Avio transmitter unit for easy maintenance or to share the remote desktop on a collaborative video wall

●  Passive cooling (no fan) for silent operation and extra reliability

●  On-screen Display (OSD) to view diagnostic information and access advanced configuration options

●  Rack mountable or stand alone units

●  Plug & play design for easy deployment with no software installation

●  Compatibility with Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS X®, Linux® and UNIX® operating systems Compatible with select layer one fiber optic network switches Global sales and technical support

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