P690 Series

Available in several form factors. Easy to deploy.

The Matrox P-Series offer reliable, ultra-low power dual and quad multi-monitor graphics solutions with wide enterprise flexibility.

Ultra-low power consumption. Fanless cooling. Easy to deploy.
With maximum power consumption ranging between 10W and 12W, the P690 Series of graphics cards delivers the lowest power multi-monitor
graphics offering available industry wide. The combination of ultra-low power consumption with best-of-breed 2D image quality and unified drivers
makes the P690 Series ideal for a wide range of professional applications—from financial, enterprise, and government systems to industrial workstations,
embedded computers, digital audio workstations, and digital signage.
P690 Series Features & Benefits
1.  Expanded Multi-Display Options
Set two digital or analog monitors as one large desktop, or at independent resolutions and display orientations. Upgrade the P690 Plus to drive up to four analog monitors, or place two cards in your system to support four DVI displays.
2.  Flexible, Wide Enterprise Support
With six different cards, in a range of form factors, the P690 Series provides wide system coverage and cross-system compatibility.
Easily roll out DualHead configurations then upgrade to four-monitor support by simply changing a cable without the need to open the system chassis or upgrade display drivers.
Use the unattended install package to deploy and maintain multiple systems.
3.  Proven and Mature Driver Software
The unified display driver architecture ensures one driver package can be used to manage multiple Matrox products 
4.  Ultra-Low Power Consumption and Passive Cooling
The fanless design eliminates noise, enhances product reliability, and improves system compatibility. The P690 Series has high mean-timebetween- failure (MTBF), providing a stable and reliable hardware and software solution, while substantially decreasing power consumptionacross your entire installed base.
5. Productivity Enhancing Features
Increase your productivity by stacking or pivoting individual monitors.Enjoy more screen real estate as a result of support for wide-screen and stretched resolutions for up to 1920x1200 (DVI).
Matrox P690 LP PCIe x1
Matrox P690 LP PCIe x16
Matrox P690 PCI
Matrox P690 PCIe x16
Matrox P690 Plus LP PCI
Matrox P690 Plus LP PCIe x16
Part Number P69-MDDE128LA1F
Card type PCIe x1 (PCI Express x1, compatible with all compliant PCIe slots x1, x4, x8, x16)
Graphics Memory 128 MB DDR2
Bracket connectors LFH60
Card form factor LP (Low-Profile)
Bracket form factor ATX
Extra bracket in the box LP
Adapter Cables LFH-60 to 2 x DVI
Connector Adapters 2 DVI-to-HD15
EMC certifications Class A – ACA, CE, CSA, FCC, VCCI
Card size 6.6" x 2.71" / 16.76 x 6.88 cm

(Card size = length, not including bracket and bracket connectors x height, including slot connector. Card width is within specifications for a single card of the given type.)

Maximum resolutions (per display)
  • Digital, 1-2 monitors: 1920 x 1200
  • Analog, 1-2 monitor: 2048 x 1536