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MGE Rack

MGE Rack— A solution to provide a display wall with maximum of 174 outputs in a single controller.

MGE Rack is used to expand large desktop such as video walls with the use of Matrox GXMs without the resolution reduction.
A maximum of 8 Matrox GXMs can be installed to expand to 24 screens per rack. And therefore, an example of 58 screens of Matrox MPX controller can be easily and cost effectively expanded into a single 174 outputs display wall.
MGE Rack is hot swappable, high density (support up to 8 GXMs), flexible (any configuration), robust (support 7x24 operations), low power consumption and the most cost effective solution to expand graphic outputs. The whole system adopts low power chip set, the full load operation only needs 120W.
Professional design and built, and modular structure make MGE Rack a simple process for users to upgrade and maintain.
Key Features:
▪  Extend the single output into three output through GXM extended desktop
▪  Supports a maximum resolution of 1920×1200@60Hz per output
▪  Support eight Matrox GXMs to extend to 24 screens with only 2 Matrox MPX cards in single MGE Rack
▪  All aluminum box design, low power chip group, stable and reliable
▪  Matrox M series, MPX series, NVIDIA and AMD series video card Compatible
▪  Smart temperature controlled with the fan design, control speed according to the box internal temperature and reduce noise
▪  LED temperature display, show the real-time operating temperature inside the case
▪  1+1 redundant power supply delivers system security, 7×24 hours of work