TVC4400 Matrox Validated Video Wall Controller

The TVC4400 Matrox validated video wall controller features an enclosure design allowing the video controller to be mounted in different orientations and a variety of locations.  This solution eliminates the need for using a riser card while supporting twoMatrox Mura MPX boards, and via the system’s single-processor JXMS7031 MicroATX (uATX) motherboard – ideal for a wide variety of applications requiring video display walls.

TVC4400 Video Wall Controller - Front Angle

TVC4400 Video Wall Controller - Overhead

TVC4400 Video Wall Controller - Rear View




Key features of the TVC4400 Matrox-validated video wall controller include:

●   Validated video wall controller supports two or three

●  Matrox Mura™ MPX Series cards Matrox Mura MPX Series boards support video outputs and inputs for flexibility & scalability

●  Standard, single-processor configuration enables flexible 8-cube video display wall designs

●  Dual-processor motherboard configuration supports three cards and 12-cube video walls

●  JXMS7031 motherboard utilizes a long-life, Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® C5500 Processor

●  Flexible video wall controller design easily mounts to either a shelf or a wall 

●  Features a full card height enclosure design with PCI Express 2.0/1.1 interfaces

●  The TVC4400 also features an additional 32-bit/33MHz PCI card slot

●  One 3.5″ or two front access hot swap 2.5” drive carriers allow high-capacity SATA HDDs

●  Two - Gigabit Ethernet, six - USB, DVI-I Video, HD Audio, PS/2 mouse & keyboard ports

●  Weighs 15.0lbs (6.81kg.) with JXMS7031 MicroATX motherboard and power supply