TVC4406 Matrox Validated Video Wall Controller

Trenton’s TVC4406 Matrox validated video wall controller supports up to four Matrox Mura™ MPX series video cards to enable video display wall solutions with up to 16 HD video inputs & outputs.  The TVC4406 supports large data storage requirements with up to eight 2.5″ front access /hot swap HDDs. This video wall controller includes a PCIe 3.0, single-processor motherboard and a robust system power supply.

TVC4406 Video Wall Controller - Front Angle

TVC4406 Video Wall Controller - No Hold Down

TVC4406 Video Wall Controller - Rear View



Key features of the TVC4406 Matrox-validated video wall controller include:

●  Matrox validated 4U rackmount video wall controller

●  Motherboard supports up to four Matrox Mura MPX Series video boards

●  Matrox Mura MPX Series boards enable up to 16 HD video inputs & outputs

●  Matrox Mura™ MPX Series support video outputs and inputs for flexibility & scalability

●  Flexible 16-screen video display wall designs using High-Def video inputs and outputs

●  Multiple x16 PCI Express 3.0/2.0 electrical interfaces available

●  4U rackmount video wall controller with a 20” depth for efficient system mounting

●  Accommodates up to eight hot swap, front access 2.5″ HDD SATA storage drives