Control Room Workstations
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Control Room Workstations

Multi-Display Control Room and Dispatch Solutions

Improve response time. Reduce errors. Save lives.

Matrox has a variety of graphics hardware solutions for dispatch systems (emergency, train, flight, OMS, etc.), control room operator stations (process control, network operations, command and control, and other control applications), as well as other enterprise, government, and industrial mission-critical systems.

Our industry-leading multi-display products have features essential for these environments:

  • ▶ High mean-time-between-failure
  • ▶ Long product life cycles
  • ▶ High-quality certified display drivers

Matrox technology helps make critical information more readily available, which can reduce errors and improve response time. In areas such as 911 dispatch, security, and process control, this translates into better response time and reduction in errors—for someone, somewhere, this might be the difference between life and death.