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The summary of Amara's service to Matrox's products in China :


1.       RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization

Amara will maintain stock of Matrox products in China. These units will be made available to customers when customer-owned product must be returned to Matrox, under an RMA, for repair services. Prior to requesting an RMA, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact Matrox technical services for product troubleshooting. Products returned to Matrox may only do so with the authorization of an RMA number directly from Matrox.  The shipping cost will be borne by the sending party.


2.       Delivery Lead Times

Normal lead time is 2-5 days. However, Amara will maintain an inventory of Matrox products in the region to ensure that our customers can enjoy quick order lead time. Due to fluctuating product demand, Amara may not be able to guarantee product deliveries in the specified lead times, but will notify the customer in such case at time of order placement.


3.       Payment Terms

Amara does not generally extend payment terms to a new customer. Transactions for product will require payment in full at time of order delivery. At Amara's discretion, payment terms may be extended in accordance with the business relationship between Amara and its customer. On occasion, Matrox may negotiate or request payment terms for specified customers that will be honored by Amara.


4.       DOA - Dead on Arrival

In case defective unit is received by the customer, Amara will replace it with a brand new unit after clearing with Matrox's technical team.  The customer will have the responsibility to inform Amara and Matrox at the earliest possible time when defect is known. After 3 working days of receiving the unit, the defective unit will be treated as RMA and following the RMA procedures. The shipping cost will be borne by the sending party.


5.       Warranty

The standard limited warranty will be provided by Matrox.  Please see the attached web link for detailed information.

For any inquiry outside of the Matrox's standard limited warranty such as the additional warranty, please contact Amara's sales department or support center.


6.       Development Kits

At a customer's request, Amara can provide product for development related applications. Pricing for development kits will be established in coordination with Matrox. Product warranty will be subject to special terms in the case of development applications.  These development kits are for application development and on-going testing purposes only and not meant for re-sale.


7.       Demo Systems

At a customer's request, Amara can provide product for demo related purposes. Prior to acceptance of a demo system order, all requests will need to be reviewed and approved by Matrox. Product warranty will be subject to special terms in the case of demo applications.


8.       Technical Support

Technical support will remain the primary responsibility of Matrox. Amara will provide direction to customers on obtaining technical support from Matrox. In the event of the need for product repair or replacement, please see section titled "RMA".


9.       Trade Show & Conferences

On occasion, Amara will participate in relevant industry trade shows and conferences. At a customer's request, Amara may engage in joint representation at a trade show. This will be at the discretion of Amara, and may require pre-approval from Matrox.


10.   Product Updates

Amara will make available information regarding product updates to its list of registered customers. These updates may take the form of mail, electronic, or sales calls. In the event of any product recalls initiated by Matrox, Amara will notify all customers affected in accordance with product sales records.